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Duetto MT EVO thanks to the proprietary Mixed Technology performs the widest range of laser hair removal applications.

Duetto MT EVO laser offers both Alexandrite (755nm) & Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser discharges, in a choice of either a single-emission, sequential-emission or mixed-emission.

What is Duetto mixed technology?

This revolutionary Mixed Technology exceeds all other conventional hair removal lasers by offering simultaneous delivery of two gold standard wavelengths; Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm

therefore removes the key restrictions of traditional single-wavelength lasers by allowing for the effective treatment of fine and fair hair on all skin types with unparalleled patient’s safety

Key Benefits
  • Removes both thick and fine hair, and thick and fluffy hair.

  • It suits all skin types, whether light or brown.

  • Removes stubborn hair on other devices.

  • Safe on all skin types.

  • It rejuvenates the skin and treats vascular problems.

  • It gives results in fewer sessions compared to other devices.

  • It works to tighten the skin, and increases the smoothness of the skin.

  • One of the least painful laser technologies because it contains a cooling system.

  • It enables the doctor to tailor the treatment according to the patient's needs; This can be controlled by the type and power of the laser used.

  • A duet laser device can be used for the face; Due to its effectiveness in removing light lanugo hair.