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EVE Medical Center is first of kind LADIES ONLY Derma & Laser clinic
This is EveAbout us
This is Eve

Who we are

We are a group of passionate & dedicated Healthcare professionals with more than 40 years of collective healthcare experience in the Gulf region. EVE Medical Center is the first and one of Kind Derma & Laser clinic exclusively dedicated to LADIES ONLY. There has never been a clinic in Bahrain that is solely dedicated to ladies and operated by ladies, that’s why EVE Medical Center was established; because we believe that you are the Real EVE that deserves the best quality of medical care for all your skin, body, and hair health and beauty needs. And we can address all your needs with our mix of top-notch medical devices and highly qualified medical staff within the safe & trustworthy environment that EVE Medical Center provides.

Is that all? Not quite! We know that the smoothness of the whole experience from booking an appointment till the final outcomes matters a lot for you, and it also matters a lot for all of us in EVE, that’s exactly why we designed EVE Medical Center so that you always feel comfortable, happy & fully satisfied with the experience and the outcomes. Now, We have one ask for you... We ask you to own your beauty, and to trust EVE to make you shine and happy all day and everyday.

This is Eve

Our Today

A unique Dermatology Clinic exclusively for Ladies only that combines the latest technology in the field with the artful skills of our Healthcare professional staff to provide you with a unique experience and outstanding outcomes that helps you to be the best version of you. BeYoutiful

This is Eve

Our Tomorrow

EVE Medical Group has launched its first Medical Center in Bahrain and aims to reach every single Lady in Gulf region with top quality medical care. We also aspire to be the number 1 preferred employer in the region for all female Healthcare professionals