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Chemical Peeling


Chemical peel is a well-known technique used for aesthetic treatment that are designed to remove the top-most outer layers of the skin so that new, regenerated skin replaces the old. and yes, you should incorporate it into your beauty regime! Whether you suffer from persistent acne scars, or you’ve noticed your skin has lost its former luster and is looking dull in appearance.

The Benefits Of Chemical Peels

The exfoliating action of chemical peels bring about a number of noticeable benefits, including:

  • Smoother texture.

  • More even skin tone, including areas discolored by scars, acne and other hyperpigmentation’s.

  • Brighter, clearer complexion.

  • Smaller pores.

chemical peels are a great option for you, the whole procedure hardly takes time and today it is one of the best as well as most economical procedures for meeting the treatment needs of Ageing skin and Acne scars.

How Does Chemical Peels Treatment Work?

The chemical solution is then prepared and applied to your face. As the chemical solution exfoliates your skin, a separation of the formula occurs and eventually peels off, hence the term “chemical Peel”.

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. Patients often experience a sensation of heat for the first few minutes, followed by a stinging feeling on the skin.

Upon completion, dull and damaged skin is peeled off; whether this is a physical, flaky appearance of the skin, or “micro peeling” in which the peeling happens microscopically and undetected to the naked eye. A fresher and firmer skin surfaces, and along with it, a boost in collagen production and skin rejuvenation.

Why Choose EVE For Chemical Peels?

The professional team at Eve Medical Center can help you find the right peel to brighten up your complexion.

Our well-developed Center allow us to offer chemical peeling services that helps in improving the appearance of the skin.

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