To anyone who wants beauty and is looking for it, Whether a bright youthful face or a harmonious body, Eve Center offers you the perfect solution to obtain beauty that many seek for it.
This is Eve

Hair, body and skin analysis

Hair Analysis

We offer the Personal Hair Analysis service where the focus is in the science of the body, hair and scalp to help you obtain the knowledge you need to achieve your healthy goals, prevent hair loss, hair damage and breakage.

EVE sends a sample of your hair to a testing laboratory. The protein in hair fiber holds the composition of the body tissues for a permanent period. By analyzing the hair fiber composition, you can tell what toxins have accumulated in the body tissues and what vitamins and minerals are depleted or too abundant causing an imbalance in body function.

Our Hair Analysis Service Will Be Able to Advise You On:
  • Hair porosity (the ability of your hair to retain moisture).

  • The condition of your hair and how to correct many issues.

  • The best care for your texture.

  • Any signs of follicular dystrophy or early signs of thinning.

  • Proper hair care techniques.

Body Analysis

Our in-depth Body Composition Analysis uses our state-of-the-art in-house Scanning imaging machine to measure your complete body composition, including percent body fat and lean muscle.

This scan allows us to assess the exact location and percent of fat, bone, and lean muscle throughout your body. We assess visceral fat around major organs which can predict your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The First Time You Have a Scan, The Report Will Tell You:
  • Your Body fat % with comparison to the reference population.

  • Regional body fat %.

  • Central abdominal fat (Visceral adipose tissue).

  • AYour total lean tissue (muscle).

  • Your regional muscle mass and muscle symmetry.

  • Your total bone density.

  • Did you lose fat?.

  • Did you gain muscle?.

  • Did all those squats in the gym increase your leg muscle mass?.

Skin Analysis

Eve represents our most accurate, high-performance unique Analysis imaging system that provides a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of your skin. Its HD cameras capture visual information from areas affecting skin health and appearance including wrinkles, pores, texture uniformity, and UV damage.

Your consultation with EVE Skin Analysis gives our aesthetics team the information needed to provide the best treatments and skincare regimen tailored for your specific needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Skin Analysis?

Before you can properly treat your skin, an in-depth examination of its condition is an important first step.

Some advantages of a skin analysis include:

  • Identifying the different skin types such as oily, dry, sensitive or a combination.

  • Detecting damaged skin and problems.

  • Determining your risk factors for skin problems.

  • Giving a picture of the current state of your skin.

  • Helping tailor a skincare and treatment plan.